Everything around us contains an element of beauty.  It is quite humbling to pick up a camera and create art from art.  I love looking for little details and special moments that serve to help remind us of the blessings that surround us everyday.  In general my goal is to find genuine moments that say something about who you are or who you love.  I would love to connect with you and chat about capturing your life on camera!  You can start a conversation with me via my connect page or simply use beth@lifesjourneyphotography.com


Fun facts about me:

  • My favorite place to relax is the beach. I love watching water fowl, cloudy sunsets and the sound of the crashing waves.
  • I love playing monster with my two boys and hearing them laugh and scream so hard as they are tickled by the “tickle monster”.
  • I love to really dress up but only on special occasions. Most of the time you will find me in waterproof sandals/boots and stretchy pants.
  • Growing up I always despised my curly hair and freckles. Now, I love them but of course now they're fading sadly. haha
  • I believe true “gifts/talents” lie in the traits of our personality that we use to help and love others.
  • I worked on feature films and commercials as a visual fx artist as well as animated cartoons before photography.
  • Ironically, I worked as a designer for the Barbie movies but never owned a Barbie doll as a child.
  • I love baking delicious cobblers and desserts with fresh berries and really love butter way too much.
  • Favorite movies include: Little Women (partly because of the amazing Thomas Newman soundtrack), Nacho Libre, and Cinderella Man.
  • I grew up in Alabama with three brothers and was a bit of a tom boy. In elementary school I was reprimanded by my phys ed. teacher a few times for playing football too rough (which was probably followed by tears as I never wanted to “be in trouble”.)
  • After high school, I started off as a music major. I played in flute choir (yes… many flutes playing together) and got to experience playing the alto flute which takes a crazy amount of air. I played piccolo in the marching band and met wonderful friends that I miss so much!!!
  • My husband and myself backpacked across Europe (before kids). It was amazing!!!!!!!!!
  • I love singing loud. People that sing out are usually having way more fun! I would rather have fun and sing “off pitch” than to sing “on pitch” by singing carefully. If you can get everyone to joyfully sing-out together whither it is a Christmas song, your alma mater, or Happy Birthday, then you will have a LOT more fun!
  • My guilty pleasure is air-brushed t-shirts. I love the bright colors and fun designs!
  • I cry extremely easily. If you tell me about your bad day, tears will immediately roll down my cheeks. I won't be able to say much so that makes me a good listener and I am “a hugger” which may help. I also cry when I'm happy! Sometimes I find it completely frustrating but I'm learning to live with it.
  • That being said, I am also very strong, determined, and have become more courageous with my years.
  • Before every photo shoot I do a lot of preparing and praying.